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Environmental Statement

Excalibur Cleaning Ltd are fully accredited to environmental standard BS EN IS0 14001:2015

Satefy & Environmental Policy

"Excalibur will not be satisfied until its' workplace and the workplace of all our customers are safe from hazards, its' employees are injury free, the cleaning materials and services are safe and its' commitment and record in protecting the overall environment at least match the highest industry standards."

We accept that much work has to be done and we consistently encourage our suppliers and clients alike to join with Excalibur to ensure that we are the most environmentally aware and safety conscious company in our business sector. The company works to the guidelines of its Environmental Purchasing & Disposal Policy generated because it believes that care for the environment, and continual improvements in the environmental performance of it's staff, are key to business success now and in the future. All key suppliers clearly understand that they must be able to demonstrate that chemical cleaning solutions are safe to use and are friendly to the environment in ultimate disposal following an agreed and clearly defined process. In addition Excalibur will only procure equipment and materials that comply, as a minimum requirement, with all published regulations, legislation, industry codes of practice and government guidelines for our business sector.

We will look to supply our clients with paper products that are manufactured from 100% recycled materials whenever practical. We will continually update our staff on environmental issues and seek to minimise environmental disturbance in all our operations.