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At Excalibur the management team and all supporting employees are fully committed to quality.

Excalibur Cleaning Limited are fully accredited to the world wide recognised quality assurance standards BSEN ISO 9001:2015 and has clearly defined processes aiming to :

  • Communicate our Quality policy and operating procedures in a way that every employee is aware of and can perform all work to the highest possible standards

  • Provide a continuing access to all quality management documentation as applicable to their roles

  • Detect and improve any areas of non-conformance that may lead to unsatisfactory quality levels and customer dissatisfaction

By establishing such roles, giving guidance, laying down correct methods of operation and communicating any process improvements we ensure that the delivery of our services are at all times non-negotiable in terms of quality.

By encouraging client participation in performance monitoring, using an open audit process, we can ensure a fair approach to the subjective issues generally raised in association with cleaning. A correctly defined specification with clear monitoring quidelines will result in a better overall understanding of achieved quality for mutual benefit. Use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for monitoring of achieved standards is welcomed.

Everyone at Excalibur is encouraged to view their work as part of a long term commitment to a client, working to achieve overall customer 'delight' as an improvement to customer 'satisfaction'.