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Safety & Risk Management

As the highest priority in the company philosophy the management of Health & Safety is uppermost in the minds of all staff.

Over the years we have developed our safety & environmental procedures and policies to such a level that our external audit results are within the highest percentile when compared with industry standards. We have a clearly defined set of policies and rules covering :

  • Health & Safety at work in accordance with the 1974 Act

  • Safety management organisation and responsibilities

  • On-site clearly defined working rules to protect both our employees and staff of the clients

  • Training of all our staff

  • Management safety rules and practices

  • Cleaning operative safety rules and practices

All new employees prior to commencing work on a client site undergo essential training to ensure they can undertake basic tasks associated with cleaning requirements. All staff have individual training cards for clear identification of their basic skills and competancy levels. Such training record cards are constantly updated as skill levels develop. All new employees are also presented with company "New Starter Packs" covering safety and environmental information. This document covers such issues as :

  • Company rules and procedures

  • Safety and environmental policy

  • Index of safety information covering

    • Safety method staments

    • Risk assessment

    • Product data/COSHH assessment

    • Manual handling assessment

  • Use of personal protective equipment PPE

  • Top ten tips for handling chemicals

  • Six main tips for correct manual handling

  • Cleaning techniques and standard of cleanliness to be achieved

  • Colour coding principles to minimise cross infection

  • Lone working arrangement

  • Accident prevention and reporting

  • Absence reporting procedure