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Working in Partnership

How will we work in partnership?

We will always be open and positive with our clients. We believe in working hard to make sure that our relationship is based, and is developed upon, by honest communication at all levels. If we collectively get this right, trust and understanding will develop resulting in improved relationships so we are all able to succeed.

Philosophy for Partnering

The intent of Excalibur in its partnering philosophy is to create a strong relationship with our customers, their representatives, our professional cleaning teams and our specialised supply chain. Excalibur believe this philosophy must be based on trust and co-operation leading to a genuine partnership.

Aim of Partnering

The main aim is to achieve radical improvements in overall performance for the mutual benefit of all parties. Such a relationship will enable the development and empowerment of our people, our client's people and our supply chain and ultimately provide a value added service to the end users of the service.